January 30, 2005

Pounds, bad eating choices and fun

It's Sunday evening. Sherris left to head back to New Hampshire. We had a good time visiting. On Saturday morning, I went to WW for the weekly weigh in. The two lbs I lost last week, I gained back. :-( There was a woman there who reached her lifetime status for losing 132lbs! Wow! She followed the program and excercised. That will do it!! After that I went home and began cleaning the house for Sherri's impending arrival. I was hurridly cleaning the house when she showed up and scared me so I jumped. It was funny. We went to Costco so I could buy cutlery and hot chocolate for work. I also priced out a folding table, much like one of the ones Michael and VeAnn have in their garage. It would be great for entertaining, doing crafts and using as a desk (instead of my bed, which I am doing now.) I think I will go back there next payday and buy one. After a delightful, high fat hotdog at Costco, we went about exploring Big Lots, Church St. and Old Navy. Old Navy had a GREAT sale going on. They now make clothes for fat chicks, so I thought I would take a look. I bought 4 shirts, a fleece jacket and a skirt for $35!!! TOTAL. That is unheard of! Sherri says about every two months they have a big clearance sale like this. It was really exciting. After a bit of shopping, we went home to prepare for the guests and dinner. Elissa and Carrie came over and we ate BBQ chicken pizza (made by Sherri), salad (provided by Carrie) and peanut butter cookies (created by Elissa). It was soooo good. I then coaxed them into playing a card game I have called "Fluxx". It isn't a game that can be played in 15 minutes. But then again, according to the rules of the game, it just might end in 15 minutes. It's a game where the rules are constantly chaning. I really like it. Thanks to my brother, Bob, I am able to share the joy of Fluxx with friends. We played that for a bit. After Carrie and Elissa left, we talked and watched a bad SNL, starring Colin Farrell. They just don't seem to know how or when to end their skits. It's really annoying.

Sunday, we slept in, ate breakfast (consisting of a high protein egg and cheese scramble, and toast) and drove over to the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory, where we took the tour (with free tour coupons.) I splurged and bought a bear that is in a straight jacket, from their Valentine's Day promotion. It has been pulled off of the VTB website, because people in the psychiatric world felt it was insensitive. They have been asked to not sell it again. The VTB Company decided to pull it after Valentine's Day. We talked to the tour guide and he said they are only selling 3,000 of them. I figure I can sell it on Ebay and make equal my money back or even more. It's a red bear in a straight jacket. I think his tag says "Crazy for you..." Ha!

Well, we were going to get piercings too, but after I spent so much money on the bear, we decided not to do that. We walked around Church St. and Sherri bought some earrings. She left and I went to the grocery store for my weekly frozen foods. Now I am going to work on my budget and finish the scarf I started a few weeks ago. Yes, it IS an exciting life I lead in Burlington. It was great seeing Sherri. We have decided that the next trip together, we are on a $20/weekend budget.

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